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First Time Buyer

Buying your first house is not something to be afraid of; although the world is filled with first-time buyers marketing advice, we take a more personal approach. The help you will be getting from the very start will guide you through the right direction for a selection of mortgage options.

Please only trust information from accredited professionals such as ourselves or the UK’s government website. 

Why should you put your trust with us?

  • We will create a budget planner for your mortgage to calculate the affordability.
  • Explore a range of deposit costs based on LTV (Loan To Value). Higher deposit results in lower rates.
  • Help to consider the costs of furnishing, refurbishing and maintenance of the property. 
  • Learn the big flags to look out for when buying your first-time property from experienced advisors.
  • Calculate the budget for the household, council tax, bills, servicing and repairs for long-term budget planning. 

Buying a Home

We have experienced the excitement of finding the right house; we have done so for ourselves, our clients and our personal families. 

The key to our success in the field of mortgage finances is our processing speed and accuracy. Throughout the whole process, you will be kept in the loop of which documents we will need from you, key dates to prepare for and guide you through the home buying process from start to finish.

  • We will present you with a range of different mortgage options tailored to your financial needs.
  • You can have confidence in our thorough market research to find you a suitable mortgage, ideal for your situation.
  • Professional, neural advice. This is a long-term investment; we want you to get the best out of the mortgage.


The purpose of remortgaging is to reevaluate the financial agreements between yourself and your existing mortgage lender. A different mortgage lending service can offer you a more competitive mortgage agreement, which will benefit your long-term household’s finances. 

Mortgage agreements always have a set duration and timeline, including when you will be moving onto the lender’s standard variable rate. We can help you find the most suitable deal for your personal circumstances, supporting your long-term savings by guiding you through the world of remortgaging finances.

Buy to Let

This type of buy-to-let mortgage differs significantly from your standard residential mortgage. The core difference is that each month, you only pay the interest on the lease without paying for the loan itself. Other variations include a higher mortgage deposit value (starting from 15%), challenges securing rental income from your property’s tenants and calculating the exact return of investment from the property.

The choice of buy to let lenders depends on your circumstances; we can help you find the right mortgage that supports your renter’s business’ long-term financial success. 

The Financial Conduct Authority do not regulate some buy to let mortgages.

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